Tutorial: How to reduce the file size of .flv, .avi, .mpg videos without special software

Tutorial: How to reduce the file size of .flv, .avi, .mpg videos without special software

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use youtube.com for easy video transcoding of large, high quality videos into small, fast loading .flv or .mp4 video files without loosing quality and without 3rd party software.

The other day we had to prepare several high quality videos for internet distribution. We decided to use the flash based streamplayer for playback and the .flv format for the video format. Since our videos’ original output format was high quality quicktime, we began tweaking the various output settings in our software in an effort to minimize the file size without quality loss.

After several tries we ended up with some results but they were not satisfying. So, somebody came up with the idea to use youtube.com for our video conversions.

The result was awesome. Without using any special software, we were able to reduce the file size by 80% of a previously 6 megabytes .flv file down to 1.2 megabytes. All without significant quality loss. Also, the video now plays a lot better on older hardware, because youtube does an excellent job in bitrate reduction.

Here are the steps to follow if you wish to reduce the size of your videos:

Get a youtube.com account. It’s free.

Log into youtube.com

Upload your video, you can set it private in case you don’t want it to show up on public youtube.

After upload, the videos are transcoded by youtube. Depending on the size of the video, this can take a few moments.

Use the time to install the free addon Easy YouTube Video Downloader by Deepesh Agarwal into your Firefox browser. This will require a browser restart. After restart. Open your video and click the new button “Download As…” and select your desired output format .flv or .mp4

Done! Was that easy?

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