Take control of your e-commerce data.
With HMG Big Data Services.

Product Data Migration

Want to tackle new markets and list your current product inventory on Ebay, Amazon or price comparison sites? Or do you plan to switch your current e-commerce platform to Hybris, Gambio, Shopware, Magento or Oxid? We deliver tailored data migration solutions.

Product Data Acquisition

Need to interconnect different e-commerce systems? Data is typically exchanged through standardized interfaces – so called API’s. If an API is unavailable or expensive to implement, we can build cost efficient data middleware solutions based on our crawling technology.

Product Data Classification

Planning to generate extra sales with Google’s Product Listing Ads? The first step is to classify all of your current and future products into the official Google product taxonomy. We have developed a system that automatically and precisely organizes your entire inventory feed.

Computer Linguistics

Merchants possess Millions of unstructured datapoints about their customers’ behaviour. To measure sentiment in a product review or to find out what people are talking about, we employ enterprise quality software such as openNLP to build text analysis solutions.

Deep Learning

Imagine a system capable to predict products that your customers will love in the future. All based on the analysis of their previous purchases. We use Big Data and predictive analysis technologies like Mahout to build awesome newsletter and crossselling solutions.

Business Intelligence

Want to find out about your competitor’s inventory, pricing or newsletter strategy? Perhaps you are interested in a continuous monitoring of marketing campaigns or just need a one time overview for any given product or segment? Let us know. We love these projects!